When it comes to technology grants, startups can offer more than Buck from the university

When I review the scientific research grants we give to academia, which pays millions of dollars a year, I often wonder how little we get to spend all this money. No, don’t get me wrong, I believe in research, I think the best way to finance innovative authentic research science is if the government. You see, I have found that the amount of government-funded research is so huge that it is finding private-based and corporate-sponsored research systems, which I find quite disturbing.

When you look at what a university gets today for a million or two million dollar technology grant, we certainly don’t have much to look forward to. This is a very wasteful process. Also, it’s amazing how long it takes to complete the lack of research and urgency in academia for effective and applicable use of technology – and where authentic research is close to my heart and dear and it should be for everyone Americans, we seem to be getting too many frogs for our pond here. Is not.

What is the solution? More grade-student labor, more interns and less overpaid faculty are part of the solution. There seems to be something systematic in the way we move things forward. When the government gives an SBIR grant for a business or private research facility, one wonders how much they can do for half the money? Is it because small start-ups and entrepreneurs are willing to set up extra sweat equity, agree to work extra hours without extra pay, do they have more passion that money is not the only problem?

Not surprisingly, you would think it would be in other ways – that academies wouldn’t think about money like small business research entrepreneurs, but the taxpayer’s dollar gravy has left the train station and we’re taking taxpayers on a ride.

Recently, after the 2016 presidential election scientists gathered in Washington DC to protest, it seems that grants to Earth and Earth Sciences could be cut off because President Donald Trump has expressed suspicion that mankind’s CO2 is causing catastrophic warming in our Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists say that “everyone knows that climate change is real and that mankind is causing it!” OK, but if it is, and everyone is so sure, there is no need for money to study to prove what is already known, right?

Are we financing science to make scientific advances, drive our future, and innovate the next generation of technology – or are we just financing an over-inflated academic money hole? We can do more to make less use of the passion of entrepreneurs, who can contract to hire scholarships that have genuine passion as affectionate mentors and save billions of taxpayer money each year.

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