Can you do Portmanteau?

I recently read an article where the term Satisfactory We used. The word intrigued me. According to the author, satisfaction is a combination of adequacy and contentment.
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This led me to investigate whether other words were created by combining the words and meanings of two existing words. I have learned that such a compound word is called portmanteau. I also discovered that there are so many portmantes that we use every day, often they don’t understand what they are.

A portmanteau is usually defined as a large trunk or suitcase that opens into two equal parts. However, Lewis Carroll gave it a new meaning in his book “Through the Looking Glass” when Hampty Dumpty said: “Well, ‘slitty’ means ‘lift and slimmy’ and ‘mimsey’ means” weak and stingy. ” You are a portmanteau-like word.

Some Portmanteau words are very familiar and easy to deconstruct:

Bacronium: Back + Overview

Breathalyzer: Breathing + Analyzer

Brexit: Britain + departure

Camcorder: Camera + Recorder

Caplets: Capsules + Tablets

Glamping: Glamorous + camping

Informative: Information + Commercial

Infotainment: Information + Entertainment

Inskip: interior + landscape

Internet: International + Network

Malware: Malicious + software

Manscaping: Man + landscaping

Field: Melt + welded

Motel: motor + hotel

Motorcycle: Motorized + Bicycle

Netflix: Internet + Flix

Polymoney: Partner + Ex

Plot: plum + apricot

Simulcast: Simultaneous + broadcast

Sitcom: situational + joke

Intermediate: Adolescent + in

Wikipedia: Wiki + Encyclopedia
Some Portmanteau words are unfamiliar, but they are still relatively easy to deconstruct:

Influenza: Rich + influenza

Expectation: Expectation + frustration

Prerequisite: Preview + Required

Screener: Screen + Teenager

Some words are very familiar, but the term of their contribution may surprise – at least, they surprise me. For example, I never knew that the term blog is made up of web and logs.

Bit: binary + digit

Chartl: Chholachuti + Snort

Cyberg: Cybernetics + Creatures

Endorphins: Pregnancy + morphine

Fortnightly: Fourteen + nights

Profit: Say + against

Garmin: Gary Barrell + Min Cao

Gerimander: Geri + Salamander

Goodbye: God be with you

Groupon: Group + coupon

Trouble: Haggle + Trouble

Humans: Huge + demonic

Disqualification: Disqualification + attitude

Microsoft: microcomputer + software

Modem: Modulation + Demodulation

Mipet: Marine + dolls

Pixels: image + element

Precise: Prim + CC

Skype: Sky + Peer-to-Peer

Smoking: smoking + fog

Taxicab: Taximeter + Cabriolet

Travel Travel: Travel + Isolation

Vitamin: Vita + amine

WiFi: Wireless + fidelity

There were some words I had never seen before. For example, I live in Wisconsin, where we get a lot of snow and ice, and I’ve never used the term for any weather forecast, Snow: Snow and Ice.

Ambigram: obscure + gram

Automatically: Automatic + Magical

Flexible: Vegetarian + Flexible

Flashing: Fog + rain

Asparagus: Spam + fraud

Stagnation: stagnation + inflation

And some words sound like malapropism when we first hear them but they are actually real words; For example, rejection: refutation + refutation.

It really amazes me who originally composed these words, why they felt the need to create them and how they were so disgustingly clever!

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