Innovators, here are the reasons why your invention was rejected

Many inventors are completely crushed by rejection trying to bring their product ideas to market. So, I thought I’d provide a list of a few reasons you might refuse. It doesn’t cover every reason you might reject, but hopefully it will give you something to think about. You have to understand that the invention is […]

How to be a leader who is aware of innovation

I’m not the first person to focus on the connection between diversity inclusion and innovation. What I have identified as a more obvious blind spot to this is the need for personal innovation in leaders that solves the problem through traditional theological diversity training. However before we get into it, let’s take a closer look […]

A mixed future of adult and business innovation

The giant (NASDAQ: RIMM) ubiquitous BlackBerry maker for communication and convenience, RIM has seen a number of defined trends up front. These reflect the themes of my own research and are the foundation of MIT Azlab Motley Flower’s Dan Jazomac’s January 2 article, “4 Key Trends RIM’s Futurist Forces,” reports a lecture by RIM’s Innovation […]

What you must know to take action as an innovative hero

Reality Creating deeply innovative companies requires replacing a more simple approach to creating technologically innovative companies, but it perpetuates a business culture that is toxic and destructive. This is often ignored until the consequences of legal, financial or public relations are at hand. As a result, the innovation of brand risk management still extends beyond […]

Understand the process of change with the help of law

On the surface, ions seem annoying and not very important. However, researchers and those who are experts with them can understand the true value given to them. The process of ion transport allows to understand the process of change between ions. Instead it is quite interesting to see why they change and how they change […]

Your rogue customers are trying to break your rules! What if you help them?

Ever heard of ‘false metrics’? It is a very humane thing to look at a relatively insignificant part of a system, although it is an important indicator of success. For example, a manager can track the productivity of his employees and ensure that they are all ‘on time.’ However, arriving early is not a guarantee […]

Applying artificial intelligence in the workplace

We all know how the Internet of Things has made it possible to turn everyday devices into raw data sources for analytics to create business insights. It has also been observed that artificial intelligence (AI) has made workplace analytics more productive and efficient. The enterprises expect that more data will be generated in the coming […]