Good reasons to use Crypto-Currency Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a relatively new type of currency that has just begun to hit the major markets.

Critics say that using Bitcoins is not safe because –

  • They have no real value

  • They are not regulated

  • They can be used to make illegal transactions

However, all the major market players are talking about Bitcoins. Below are some good reasons why you should use this cryptocurrency.

Fast payments – When payments are made using banks, the transaction takes a few days, likewise the wire transfer also takes a long time. On the other hand, virtual currency Bitcoin transactions are generally faster.

“Zero-affirmation” transactions are immediate, where the trader accepts the risk, which is not yet supported by the Bitcoin blockchain. If the trader needs approval, the transaction takes 10 minutes. This is much faster than any interbank transfer.

Cheap – Credit or debit card transactions are immediate, but you are charged a fee for using this privilege. In Bitcoin transactions, fees tend to be low, and in some cases, it’s free.

No one can remove it – Bitcoin is decentralized, so no central authority can deduct a percentage of your deposits.

No refunds – Once you exchange Bitcoins, they disappear. You cannot recover them without the permission of the recipient. This makes it difficult for people with credit cards to commit the fraudulent charge return fraud.

People buy the goods and if they see the defect, they contact the credit card agency to make a refund, effectively returning the transaction. It is done by a credit card company and charges you an expensive charge of $ 5- $ 15.

Secure personal data – They steal credit card numbers from online payments. A Bitcoin transaction does not require personal data. You will need to combine your private key and Bitcoin key together to make a transaction.

You need to make sure that your private key is not accessed by strangers.

Non-inflationary – The Federal Reserve prints more dollars each time the economy is sputtering. The money that the government has just created enters the economy, causing a reduction in the value of the currency, causing inflation. Inflation reduces people’s ability to buy things because the price of goods goes up.

The supply of bitcoins is limited. The Bitcoins system was designed to stop mining more when it reached 21 million. This means that inflation will not be a problem, but rather that deflation will ignite, where commodity prices will fall.

Semi-anonymous operations – Bitcoin is relatively private, but transparent. The Bitcoin address is shown in the blockchain. Everyone can look in your wallet, but your name will be invisible.

Easy micro payments – Bitcoins allow you to make micro-payments like 22 cents for free.

Fiat currency substitutes – Bitcoins are a good option for national currencies that suffer from capital controls and have high inflation.

Bitcoin is becoming legal – Major institutions like the Bank of England and the Fed have decided to take Bitcoins for trading. More outlets like Reditt, Pizza Chains, WordPress, Baidu and many other small businesses now support Bitcoin payments. Many binary trading and Forex brokers also allow you to trade with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a pioneer of the new era of cryptocurrency, a technology that gives you a look at the currency of the future.

Panaesha Capital Exchange (PCEX)

Introduction to PCEX

PCEX is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange that supports fiat currency trading with digital currency and digital currency. With multiple layers of security frameworks, PCEX is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies in the world. The platform has an excellent order matching mechanism and offers limited trading so that customers can trade at the best price offered by the market.

One of the biggest drawbacks of cryptocurrencies is a lack of liquidity; PCEX will create strategic partnerships to ensure high liquidity to client assets. The platform has the lowest market share of transactions to maintain traders ’profit margins.

PCEX Broker / Sub-Broker channels

The channels of PCEX brokers and sub-brokers are some of the best services offered by the platform.

The platform has a well-trained channel of brokers and sub-brokers who are equipped to guide clients to the best practices of digital currency. The channel is also a link between customers and the platform.

As an agent / sub-broker, help your clients expand their revenue by bringing them into the growing world market; the digital currency market. The crypto industry peaked in 2017-2018, with hundreds of investors growing into a $ 14 billion market. Known as a growing industry in today’s market, the crypto industry has the highest ROI of all investments, including equities, real estate and mutual funds. As a broker and sub-broker, capture a portion of this profitable market by helping your clients increase their profits exponentially.

Advantages of being a PCEX Broker / Sub-broker

In addition to the opportunity to enter a growing industry, PCEX brokers and sub-brokers have some attractive advantages:

High Mediation Fee: The PCEX fee structure tends to benefit brokers and sub-brokers, and to charge less for profits. By ensuring that agents are well compensated, PCEX aims to grow a network of clients rather than an initial profit.

Unlimited Incentives: The platform provides large incentives to agents and sub-brokers for each service.

Market Training: By joining PCEX, brokers and sub-brokers have the right to receive free training from experts in the field. Panaesha Capital will provide agents with trading tricks to guide PCEX clients to successful cryptocurrencies.


Enter the high-income cryptocurrency trading industry with PCEX as a broker / sub-broker. The platform has some of the best features in the market and offers customers high liquidity and the lowest transaction fees. Earn high brokerage fees and attractive bonuses when you help your clients reach their full potential in crypto trading.

If you think you’ve missed the internet profit revolution, try CryptoCurrency

Most people would think of cryptocurrency when they think of cryptocurrency. It seems that very few people know what it is and, for some reason, everyone seems to be talking about it as if they were going to do it. We hope this report will demystify all aspects of cryptocurrency so that you have a good idea of ​​what it is and what it is all about when you finish reading it.

It may or may not be the cryptocurrency for you, but at least you can talk to others with a level of certainty and knowledge that they won’t have.

There are a lot of people out there who have already reached the multi-million dollar state by trading in cryptocurrencies. It is clear that there is a lot of money in this new industry.

Cryptocurrency is an electronic currency, short and simple. However, what is not so short and simple is precisely how value is achieved.

Cryptocurrency is a digitized, virtualized, and decentralized currency created through the application of cryptography, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, which is “computerized information encoding and decoding”. Cryptography is the foundation that makes debit cards, computer banking, and e-commerce systems possible.

Cryptocurrency is not protected by banks; it is not backed by a government, but by a very complicated arrangement of algorithms. Cryptocurrency is the electricity encoded in complex algorithm chains. What gives them value for money is their complexity and security against hackers. The way cryptocurrency is made is very difficult to reproduce.

Cryptocurrency is the direct opposition to what is called fiat money. Fiat money is the currency that gets its value from government judgments or laws. The dollar, yen and euro are examples. Any currency defined as legal is fiat money.

Unlike Fiat money, cryptocurrency is another part of what makes it a valuable currency, like commodities like silver and gold, which is only a limited number. Of these very complex algorithms, only 21,000,000 were produced. No more, no less. It cannot be changed by printing more parts to pump a system where a government prints more money without protection. Or if a bank changes the digital book, the Federal Reserve will order banks to adjust to inflation.

Cryptocurrency is a means of buying, selling, and investing that is completely circumvented by government systems that monitor government and monitor the movement of your money. In a destabilized world economy, this system can become a stable force.

Cryptocurrencies also give you a lot of anonymity. Unfortunately, a criminal element can lead to the misuse of cryptocurrency for its purposes, just as ordinary money can be misused. However, the government cannot track your every purchase and invade your personal privacy.

Cryptocurrency comes in few forms. Bitcoin was the first and is the standard for all other cryptocurrencies. All are generated using a complex encoding tool using a rigorous alpha-number encoding tool. Other cryptocurrencies are Litecoin, Namecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin and Worldcoin, to name a few. These are called altcoins as a general name. The prices of each are regulated by the supply of the specific cryptocurrency and the market demand for that currency.

The way cryptocurrency is created is quite fascinating. Unlike gold that needs to be extracted from the earth, cryptocurrency is just a virtual book entry stored on various computers around the world. These inputs must be ‘mined’ using mathematical algorithms. Individual users, or possibly a group of users, perform computational analysis to find certain data series, called blocks. “Miners” find data in the cryptographic algorithm that creates an accurate model. At that point, it is applied to the series, and they have found a block. After an equivalent block data series matched the algorithm, the data block was left unencrypted. The miner gets a reward for a certain amount of cryptocurrency. As time goes on, the amount of the reward decreases as the cryptocurrency becomes smaller. Along with this, the complexity of algorithms in the search for new blocks also increases. Computationally, it is more difficult to find a matching series. These two scenarios merge to reduce the speed at which cryptocurrencies are created. This mimics the difficulty and scarcity of commodity mining like gold.

Now, anyone can be a miner. The creators of Bitcoin made open source mining tool code, so it’s free for anyone. However, the computers they use run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The algorithms are very complex and the CPU is crooked. Many users have specialized computers made specifically for cryptocurrency mining. Both the user and the specialized computer are called miners.

Miners (humans) also keep transaction books and act as auditors so that a coin is not duplicated in any way. This prevents the system from being hacked and indifferent. They pay for this work because they receive new cryptocurrencies every week that keep them running. They store their cryptocurrency in specialized files on computers or other personal devices. These files are called wallets.

Let’s review some of the definitions we’ve learned:

• Cryptocurrency: electronic currency; also called digital currency.

• Fiat money: any legal money; protected by the government, it is used in the banking system.

• Bitcoin: the original cryptocurrency and gold standard.

• Altcoin: Other cryptocurrencies with the same process as Bitcoin, but with minor changes in their encryption.

• Miners: a person or group that uses their own resources (computers, electricity, space) to make digital coins.

o Also a specialized computer specifically designed to find new coins through computer algorithm series.

• Wallet: A small file on your computer where you store your digital money.

Summarizing the conceptualization of the cryptocurrency system:

• Electronic money.

• Taken from individuals who use their own resources to find coins.

• Stable and finite currency system. For example, only 21,000,000 Bitcoins are produced for all time.

• It does not need any government or bank to function.

• The price is decided according to the number of coins found and used, and is combined with the public demand to have them.

• There are many types of crypto currencies, Bitcoin in the first place.

• It can lead to great wealth, but, like any investment, it carries risks.

Most people think that the concept of cryptocurrency is fascinating. It’s a new area that for many of them could be the next gold mine. If you find that it’s something you want to know more about that cryptocurrency, you’ve found the right report. Anyway, in this report I have barely touched the surface. There’s a lot more to cryptocurrency than what I’ve spent here.

Starting Cryptocurrencies

Investing in the cryptocurrency market space is complex especially for traditional investors. This is because investing in Cryptocurrency directly requires technology, the use of new tools, and the adoption of new concepts.

If you decide to dive into the world of CryptoCurrency, you need to have a clear picture of what to do and what to expect.

Be it Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or any of the 1300 tokens, buying and selling cryptocurrency requires you to choose an Exchange that deals with the products you want.

Being the most popular decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is so prevalent in the cryptocurrency space that the terms crypto and bitcoin are sometimes used interchangeably. However, the fact is that there are other cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrency investments as well.


Litecoin, also known as “silver Bitcoin gold,” is a decentralized open source payment network that operates without the involvement of intermediaries.

How does Litecoin change from Bitcoin? Well, the two are similar in many ways, however Litecoin’s blockchain creation is much faster than Bitcoin’s. This is opening up investors around the world to accept Litecoin.

Charlie Lee, a former Google engineer, created Litecoin in 2011. Although Litecoin does not have the anonymity technology of Bitcoin, recent reports have shown that Litecoin prefers bitcoin after its sustainability. Another factor that benefits Litecoin is Bitcoin SegWit technology, which means secure peer-to-peer currency trading with no exchange rate participation.


Launched in 2015, Ethereum is a decentralized software platform that enables distributed applications and smart contracts to operate without interference from third parties. Currency is like an accelerator within the ethereum platform. Ethereum’s major cryptocurrency sites. This is the second preferred option behind Bitcoin.


Zcash gained attention in the latter part of 2016 and focuses on solving the problem of anonymous transactions. To understand currency, let’s take “if bitcoin money is like HTTP, Zcash is HTTPS”.

Currency provides a secure transaction option to maintain transaction transparency, privacy, and security. This means that investors can transfer data as encrypted code.


Originally known as darkcoin, Dash is a more selective version of bitcoin. It was launched in January 2014 by Evan Duffield under the name Xcoin. It is also known simply as the Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO. The coin was intended to eliminate all the limitations that dominate Bitcoin. Today, Bitcoin has gained a prominent position in the cryptocurrency space.

An alternative to virtual currency that promises secure and anonymous transactions through a peer-to-peer network is cryptocurrency. The key to making a lot of money is to make the right investment at the right time. Compared to making money on a daily basis, the cryptocurrency model works without involving the middle man as a decentralized digital mechanism. In this distributed cryptocurrency mechanism, the ongoing activity is issued, managed, and supported by peer-to-peer community networks. Cryptocurrency is known for its fast transactions in any other way, such as digital wallets and other media.

In addition to what has been discussed above, there are other major cryptocurrencies Monero (XMR), Bitcoin Cash (BCH). EOS and Ripple (XRP).

Although Bitcoin is a trend setter and a race leader, other currencies have also taken a significant position and are growing in priority on a daily basis. Considering the trend, other cryptocurrencies will have a long way to go and soon Bitcoin will give it a real hard time maintaining its position.

If you’ve decided to make a speculative investment in this groundbreaking technology and want all the current and future recommendations, connect with “The Top Coins”.

Is cryptocurrency the future of money?

What will the future of money look like? Imagine going into a restaurant and looking at your digital meal menu in your favorite meal combination. Only instead of being priced at $ 8.99, it is shown as 009 BTC.

Can cryptography really be the future of money? The answer to this question is based on the general consensus of several key decisions ranging from ease of use to safety and regulations.

Let’s look at both sides of the (digital) coin and compare and contrast traditional fiat money with cryptocurrency.

The first and most important component is trust.

It is essential to trust the currency that people are using. What gives the dollar value? Is it gold? No, the dollar has not protected gold since the 1970s. So what gives the dollar (or any other fiat currency) value? The currency of some countries is considered to be more stable than others. After all, it is the people’s confidence that the government’s issuance of this money remains firm and essentially guarantees its “value”.

How does trust work because it is decentralized with Bitcoin, which is not a governing body that issues coins? Located in the Bitcoin blockchain is basically an online accounting book that allows the whole world to view all transactions. Each of these transactions is checked by miners (people who use computers on the peer to peer network) to prevent fraud and to ensure that there is no double spending. In exchange for services to maintain the integrity of the blockchain, miners receive a payment for each transaction they verify. Since there are so many miners trying to make money, they each check their work to see the mistakes. This proof of the work process is why the blockchain has never been hacked. Basically, it is this trust that gives Bitcoin value.

Below, let’s look at the closest friend of trust, security.

What happens if my bank is robbed of you or there is fraudulent activity on my credit card? The deposits I have in the bank are covered by FDIC insurance. It’s likely that my bank will also reject card charges that I’ve never made. That’s not to say that criminals aren’t the least frustrating and haven’t done the time-consuming stunts. More or less, it is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that I will be made up of any wrongs against me.

In crypto, there are many options when it comes to where to store your money. It is essential to know that transactions are insured for your protection. There are reputable exchanges like Binance and Coinbase that have a proven track record of correcting mistakes for customers. Just as there are fewer reputable banks around the world, the same goes for cryptography.

What happens if I throw a twenty dollar bill on the fire? The same goes for crypto. If I lose my login credentials in a particular wallet or digital exchange, I will not be able to access those coins. Again, I can’t stress enough the importance of doing business with a reputable company.

The next topic is scaling. Today, this may be the biggest hurdle that prevents people from making more transactions in the blockchain. In terms of transaction speed, fiat money moves much faster than cryptography. Visa can handle about 40,000 transactions per second. Under normal circumstances, the blockchain can only handle about 10 seconds. However, a new protocol is being implemented that will increase the number of transactions by 60,000 per second. Known as the Lightning Network, cryptography can become the future of money.

The conversation would not be complete without talking about comfort. What do people like about traditional banking and spending methods? For those who prefer money, of course, it’s easy to use most of the time. If you are trying to book a hotel room or rental car, you need a credit card. Personally, I use my credit card everywhere for convenience, security, and rewards.

Did you know that there are companies in the crypto space that provide all of this? Monaco is issuing Visa logo cards that automatically convert your digital currency into your local currency.

If you’ve ever tried to wire money to someone, you know that this process can be very tedious and expensive. Blockchain transactions allow the user to send crypto to anyone in a matter of minutes, anywhere they live. Also, it is considerably cheaper and more secure than sending a bank transfer.

There are other modern methods of transferring money in both worlds. Take, for example, apps like Zelle, Venmo, and Messenger Pay. These apps are used by millions of millennials every day. Did you know that cryptography has also begun to be introduced?

The Square Cash app now includes Bitcoin and CEO Jack Dorsey said: “Bitcoin, for us, is not about buying and selling. We believe it is a transformative technology for our industry, and we want to learn as soon as possible.”

He added, “Bitcoin provides an opportunity for more people to access the financial system.”

While it’s clear that fiat spending still dominates the way we move money, the fledgling cryptographic system is gaining momentum. Evidence is everywhere. Before 2017 it was difficult to find media coverage. Now almost all major business news covers Bitcoin. From Forbes to Fidelity, everyone is weighing in with their opinions.

What is my opinion? Perhaps the biggest reason Bitcoin can be successful is that it provides fair, inclusive, and financial access to more people around the world. Banks and large institutions see this as a threat to their existence. They are being lost at the end of the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen.

Still undecided? Ask yourself this question: “Do people trust governments and banks approximately every day?”

The answer to this question may be what determines the future of money.

How to find precious metals for new sales

Finding the lead of precious metals

Gold money is becoming a shining symbol across the nation. There are legitimate fears that the constant printing of money will cause inflation, so it is collecting gold to protect people. The sales lines of these customers are collected through online means and sold by mailing list companies. Precious Metals Leads will allow you to find buyers of your precious metals, similar to a hot liquid metal, ready to put money in your pocket.

There can be several reasons for someone to look for precious metals. You may be looking to buy or sell. These days with a high price of gold, many are finding old jewelry that has not been used for years and are taking it to a local jeweler who is willing to buy it. Some want to buy it because they think it will continue to rise while others need money to pay for the home. Either way, there is money in buying or selling, so connecting with these people is important to developing new business.

Buying a Precious Metal Lead list is a good investment for your new business because people need to know that you are ready and to help you find what you are looking for. Take these paths seriously and you’ll make sales just like you’ve been in business for years. There are other traditional ways of advertising that will build a brand name and help with sales, but sales lines and mailing lists will bring in customers who are now in the market.

In the precious metals business, you can build a lifelong customer with the right kind of service. Many investors regularly take a portion of their income and buy precious metals. They do more for peace of mind than for making money. If the end of the world is near and a reliable currency passes through the mural, gold and silver will be the currency of choice along with food and water. When you get these customers in the door, try to understand what kind of buyer or seller they are and who they can be for the long-term customers of your business.

Beginner’s Guide: Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

Introduction: Investing in cryptocurrencies

The first cryptocurrency to be created was Bitcoin, built on Blockchain technology and probably launched in 2009 by a mysterious person named Satoshi Nakamoto. At the time of writing this blog, 17 million bitcoins were extracted and it is estimated that a total of 21 million bitcoins could be extracted. Other popular cryptocurrencies are hard forks in Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Golem, Civic and Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.

Users are advised not to put all their money into one cryptocurrency and avoid investing in the top of the cryptocurrency bubble. It has been seen that the price has suddenly dropped when the cryptography is at the peak of the bubble. Since cryptocurrency is a volatile market, users need to invest the amount they can lose because there is no government that controls cryptocurrency because it is decentralized cryptocurrency.

Steve Woznia, co-founder of Apple, announced that Bitcoin is a real gold and that in the future all currencies like USD, EUR, INR and ASD will dominate and become global currency in the coming years.

Why and why not invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be created, and since then, about 1600+ cryptocurrencies have been launched with a unique feature for each coin.

Some of the reasons I’ve lived and want to share have been that cryptocurrencies have emerged on a decentralized platform; so users do not need a third party to transfer cryptocurrency from one destination to another, unlike the fiat currency a user needs. A platform like a bank to transfer money from one account to another. Cryptocurrency blockchain technology is built very securely and you have almost no chance of hacking and stealing your cryptocurrencies until you share critical information.

You should always avoid buying cryptocurrencies at the peak of the cryptocurrency bubble. Many of us buy cryptocurrencies at the top in order to make money fast and fall victim to the bubble hype and lose money. It is best for users to do a lot of research before investing money. It’s always good to put your money in more than one cryptocurrency, as you’ve noticed that few cryptocurrencies grow, some on average, while other cryptocurrencies go into the red zone.

Cryptocurrencies to focus on

In 2014, Bitcoin has a 90% market share and the remaining 10% of the cryptocurrency. In 2017, Bitcoin is still dominating the crypto market, but its share has dropped significantly from 90% to 38% and Altcoin like Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple has grown rapidly and has taken up most of the market.

Bitcoin is still dominating the cryptocurrency market, but it’s not the only currency you should consider when investing in cryptocurrency. Some of the major cryptocurrencies you need to consider:









Where and How to Buy Cryptocurrencies?

While a few years ago it was not easy to buy cryptocurrencies, but now users have many platforms available.

In 2015, India has two main bitcoin platforms, the Unocoin portfolio and the Zebpay portfolio, where users can only buy and sell bitcoin. Users should only buy bitcoin from their wallet, but not from another person. There was a price difference in the purchase and sale rates and users have to pay a nominal fee for completing the transactions.

In 2017, the Cryptocurrency industry grew tremendously and the price of Bitcoin grew spontaneously, especially in the last six months of 2017, forcing users to look for alternatives to Bitcoin and crossing 14 lakhs in the Indian market.

Unodax and Zebpay were the dominant two platforms in India with 90% market share – it was only in Bitcoin. It allows other organizations to grow with other altcoins and has also forced Unocoin and others to add more currency to their platform.

Unocoin, one of India’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain companies, has launched an exclusive UnoDAX Exchange platform for their users to trade various cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin’s Unocoin trading. The difference between the two platforms was this: Unocion offered the immediate purchase and sale of bitcoin, on UnoDAX, users can request any available cryptocurrency and if it matches the recipient, the request will be executed.

Other major exchanges for trading Indian cryptocurrencies are Koinex, Coinsecure, Bitbns, WazirX.

Users must open an account by registering for any exchange with their email ID and KYC details. Once you have verified their account, you can start trading the selected coins.

Users need to research thoroughly before investing in any coins and do not fall into the trap of the cryptocurrency bubble. Users need to research the credibility, transparency, security features and many more of the exchange.

All exchanges charge a nominal fee for each transaction. There are two types of charges: Maker fee and Taker fee. In addition to the transaction fee, a transfer fee must be paid if you wish to transfer your cryptocurrency to another exchange or to your private wallet. Charges depend only on coins and exchange, as different exchanges have a different pricing module for transferring coins.

The main non-Bitcoin Altcoin

As mentioned above, Bitcoin is dominating the market with a market share of 38%, followed by Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. Exchanges like UnoDAX, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bitstamp have listed Golem, Civic, Raiden Network, Kyber Network, Basic Attention, 0X, Augur, Monero, Tron and many other coins. If any of the coins match your wallet, you should buy them.

But, you have to put money in the market, because the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and the government has no control over it.

When to buy?

There are no hard and fast rules when buying your favorite cryptocurrency. But the stability of the market needs to be investigated. You shouldn’t be at the top of a cryptocurrency bubble or when the price is constantly falling. It is always best to consider the price to be relatively stable when it is at a low level for some time.

Method of storing cryptocurrencies

Before buying any cryptocurrency, you need to understand how to keep your cryptocurrency safe.

In general, all exchanges offer storage facilities where you can safely store your coins. It is not necessary to share the details of its users, password, when you have cryptocurrency in 2FA exchanges.

Paper wallet, Hardware wallet, Software wallet are some of the channels for storing your cryptocurrency.

Wallet: A wallet is a method of cold offline storage to keep your cryptocurrency safe. It prints your private and public key on a piece of paper, where the QR code is also printed. The QR code must be scanned for future transactions. Why is it safe? No need to worry about hacking your account or malicious malware attacks. You need to keep your piece of paper in a closet and preferably keep two or three paper bags under your control.

Hardware Wallet: A hardware wallet is a physical device where you keep your cryptocurrency safe. There are many types of hardware wallets, but the most commonly used hardware wallet is USB. When you keep your cryptocurrency in your hardware wallet, you need to keep in mind that you should not lose your hardware wallet, because once you lose it you cannot recover your cryptocurrency.

A famous event where a person took out 7000+ bitcoins and stored them in his hardware wallet and with another hardware wallet. One day he threw away his hardware wallet that stored his cryptocurrency in place of the damaged hardware and lost all of his bitcoin.

What can be bought from Indian cryptocurrency?

Most people believe that buying and selling any cryptocurrency is just a long-term and short-term investment and great return. Influencers and bitcoin investors believe that in the coming years all Bitcoin fiat currencies will dominate and will be accepted as an International currency.

Dell is one of the largest e-commerce businesses that supports bitcoin as a payment. Expedia and UNICEF are other examples.

In India, Sapna Book Mall accepted bitcoin as a payment using the Unocoin merchant service. People were booking movie tickets via BookMyShow or charging their mobile via the Unocoin platform. According to the report, they have canceled the service but plan to start again in the near future.


Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest growing investment sectors and has given a nice return in the past than real estate, gold, stock markets and so on. You can buy cryptocurrency and hold it long-term for nice returns or quick short-term returns, as we have seen the growth of many coins in the past at 1000% +. Because cryptocurrency is a volatile market and is not controlled by the government in the industry. You have to invest in any cryptocurrency that can pay to lose the amount.

You can store your cryptocurrency in your hardware wallet, wallet, software wallet if you don’t want to save it in the local exchange you’re trading.

How "Cryptography" Coin operation – A brief overview of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple

“Crypto” – or “crypto currency” – is a type of software system that provides users with transactional functionality over the Internet. The most important feature of the system is theirs decentralized nature – usually provided block chain database system.

Blockchain and “crypto currency” have become major elements in the global zeitgeist lately; usually due to the rise in the “price” of Bitcoin. This has led millions of people to participate in the market, as many “in exchange for Bitcoin” were experiencing major infrastructure tensions as demand rose.

The most important point to realize about “crypto” is that even if it actually serves a purpose (cross-border transactions over the Internet), it does not provide any other financial benefit. In other words, its “intrinsic value” is firmly limited to its ability to interact with other people; NO value when storing / spreading (which is what most people see).

The most important thing you need to realize is that they are “Bitcoin” and the like payment networks – NOT “currencies”. This will be worked out in more depth in a second; the most important thing to realize is that “enriching” with BTC is not the case to give people a better economic situation; it’s just a process of buying “coins” for a low price and selling them higher.

To do this, when looking at the “crypto”, you must first understand how it works, and where its “value” really lies …

Decentralized Payment Networks …

As I said, the key to remembering about “Crypto” is primarily a decentralized payment network. Think Visa / Mastercard without a central processing system.

This is important because it highlights the real reason why people have begun to explore the “Bitcoin” proposal in more depth; it gives you the ability to send / receive money from anywhere in the world as long as they have the address of your Bitcoin wallet.

The reason this attributes a “price” to different “coins” is because “Bitcoin” will somehow give you the ability to make money by being an “crypto” asset. It is not.

The ONLY The way people make money with Bitcoin has been due to its “rise” in price – buying “coins” at a low price and selling MUCH higher. Although it worked well for many people, it was actually based on the “theory of the greater fool”; basically, if you get to “sell” the coins, it’s a “bigger fool” than you.

This means that if you want to participate in the “crypto” space today, you are basically looking to buy any “coins” (as well as “alt” coins) cheaply (or cheaply) and walk on them. the price goes up until you sell them later. Since even one “coin” is not protected by real-world assets, there is no way to calculate when this / bullet / how it will work.

Future Growth

For all intents and purposes, “Bitcoin” is a spent force.

The December 2017 epic rally signaled massive adoption, and while its price is likely to continue to rise in the $ 20,000 range, buying one of the coins today will essentially be a big bet for what will happen.

Smart money is being studied for most “alt” coins that are already relatively low priced (Ethereum / Ripple, etc.), but they are constantly growing in price and adoption. The main thing to look at in modern “crypto” space is the way in which different “platform” systems are actually used.

Such is the space where “technology” is fast; Ethereum and Ripple look like the next “Bitcoin” – focusing on how they are able to actually give users the ability to actually use “decentralized applications” (DApps) on their underlying networks to achieve functionality. lana.

This means that if you’re looking at the next level of “crypto” growth, it’s almost certain to come from different platforms that you’re able to identify.

5 Advantages of Cryptocurrency Trading

When trading cryptocurrencies, you need to speculate on whether the market you have chosen will go up or down in value. And the interesting thing is that you never own a digital asset. In fact, trading is done with derivative products like CFDs. Let’s look at the benefits of cryptocurrency trading. Read on to find out more.


Although cryptocurrency is a new market, it is quite volatile due to short-term speculative interest. The price of Bitcoin dropped to $ 5851 in 2018 from $ 19,378 in a single year. However, the value of other digital currencies is relatively stable, which is good news.

What makes this world so exciting is the volatility of cryptocurrency value. Price movements offer many opportunities for traders. However, this carries many risks. Therefore, if you decide to explore the market, make sure you do your research and put in place a risk management strategy.

Business hours

Usually, the market is open for 24/7 trading because it does not regulate any government. In addition, transactions are made between buyers and sellers around the world. There may be short stops when infrastructure updates are made.

Improved Liquidity

Liquidity indicates the extent to which a digital currency can be sold in cash. This feature is important because it allows for faster transaction times, better accuracy, and better pricing. In general, the market is illiquid because financial transactions take place in different exchanges. Therefore, small trades can lead to large price changes.

Leveraged exposure

Since CFD trading is considered a leveraged product, you can open a position in what we call “margin”. In this case, the value of the deposit is part of the trade value. So you can enjoy a great exposure to the market without investing a lot of money.

The loss or gain will reflect the value of the position at the close. Therefore, if you trade margin, you can make big profits by investing a small amount of money. However, it also increases the losses that can exceed your deposit in a trade. Therefore, make sure that you consider the full value of the position before investing in CFDs.

It is also important to ensure that you follow a robust risk management strategy, which should include appropriate limits and stops.

Quick account opening

If you want to buy crypto currency, make sure you do it through an exchange. All you have to do is sign up for an exchange account and save it in your wallet. Keep in mind that this process can be time consuming and requires a lot of time and effort. However, once the account is created, the rest of the process will be fairly smooth and hassle-free.

In summary, these are some of the major benefits of cryptocurrency trading here and now. Hopefully, this article will be quite helpful to you.

Cryptocurrency: a new sensation

The concept of cryptocurrency was created in 1991. However, the first real implementation was made in 2008 by Nakamoto. The first question arises, what is cryptocurrency. Currency is a financial configuration that is transferred between two parties. Initially, problems such as the double-error method arose, although the problem was later solved through concepts such as blockchain technology. The whole process is governed by cryptographic algorithms. The set of public and private keys is being transferred between the two parties. Details of each transaction are stored for each block and for each customer; a block chain completes the entire list of transactions. All the blocks together form a block chain. These blockchains are just a financial book. The power of this new currency transaction system depends on the power of the cryptographic algorithm. With the implementation of algorithms such as DES, the secrecy of each financial transaction (blockchain) has been strengthened. However, the concept is still not accepted by many countries. The data for each block cannot be changed in retrospect or without the consent of the network. The share of cryptocurrency is not so much today, although it is expected to increase over time.

Here are some features of cryptocurrency:

• Decentralized

• Distributed

• Public register

The most important aspect of cryptocurrency is the above, but technology needs security to be effective. Problems like double faults have happened in the past, but that problem is now solved. The biggest advantage of cryptocurrency is the ability to update without touching the central server. That way, we don’t have to make any changes to the server. In addition, the transaction can be made between two or three or more members of the network.

So, the many advantages you get through cryptocurrency are:

• Safe

• Fast

• Reliable

• Exact

However, the technology has developed even though not all countries support it. The biggest sensation in cryptocurrencies is bitcoin. They are being accepted in many countries. You can also find many more cryptocurrencies. Each of them uses only one type of algorithm. You can learn all of them through cryptography. The topic is broad and the application in the form of cryptocurrency is one of the major advances of the last decade. Usage can certainly increase fourfold in the coming years.

Digital currency is also used as part of questionable settings as an illegal online business, such as Silk Street. The first Silk Street was closed in October 2013 and since then two other forms have been used. In the year following the closure of Silk Street, the number of unmistakable dark markets expanded from four to twelve, while the size of drug shipments expanded from 18,000 to 32,000.

Darknet markets show challenges in terms of legality. There are of course different types of digital money that are used as part of bitcoins and obscure markets, of course, or legally ordered in all parts of the world. In the US, bitcoins are referred to as “virtual resources”. This questionable arrangement gives weight to law enforcement offices around the world to accommodate mobile drug exchange in dark markets.